Why Some People Worry Too Much – Chronic Anxiety Disorders

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People worry, in fact, worrying is a natural process that is already hardwired in the human brain. But there are some instances that people worry excessively, and it's starting to affect their quality of life. Some sufferers are still able to function somewhat properly, but because of the dark cloud hanging above them, they find it hard to enjoy anything. And in some of the worse cases, sufferers become so mentally unstrung that they can't even do simple tasks, like going out of the house to do some shopping, even the most mundane tasks become an ordeal to these kinds of sufferers.

These people are suffering from a mental condition known as chronic anxiety disorder. It is a condition affecting millions of people worldwide, in the US alone, is an illness costing the government almost $42 billion a year. According to The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, anxiety disorders amount to a third of all the country's mental health bill. In the United Kingdom, anxiety and depression costs them 1 per cent of their national income, which is almost £12 billion! These numbers are quite staggering, but still this is a mental condition that the health system is still poorly equipped to properly handle. On average, only 1 out of 4 persons who are diagnosed with anxiety disorder is getting proper treatment.

The reason why a lot of sufferers of panic and anxiety disorders are not getting treatment is plainly because they're ashamed, ashamed that they can't cope with what they have. It is rather hard to admit to oneself that you feel afraid and dread the coming of each and every day. No one wants to admit that they are losing control of their own mind, that they are not able to stop it from having dreadful thoughts. This seeming loss of control over one's body is the most common fear that grips sufferers.

Now as to the reasons why people are affected in this way, there are a couple. Anxiety often runs in the family, there might be a genetic component to the condition, or this may be caused by how they were raised or due to their upbringing. Traumatic events often trigger anxiety attacks, as do unhealthy lifestyle choices.

For you to be diagnosed as having chronic anxiety disorder, you need to have been in a constant state of anxiety for a period of six months. There are a myriad of physical symptoms that accompany this mental condition, a few of these are insomnia, migraines, irritable bowels syndrome, excessive fatigue, and others.

But sadly, even though you get diagnosed with this mental condition, it does not respond well to treatments. But even though it's like this, anxiety disorder is not something that you have to live with. You can still do something to at least lessen the symptoms connected to it and still enjoy your life. Join a support group, or consult with medical professionals. Remember that you only get one chance at life so it's not wise to spend it all living in constant fear.


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Why Some People Worry Too Much – Chronic Anxiety Disorders

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This article was published on 2010/10/09