What Exactly is Severe Anxiety Disorder

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It is a very common case for people suffering from severe anxiety disorder to also suffer from depression. In fact, most of the time these two mental diseases walk hand in hand. What's even sadder is that thoughts about suicide will began to circle in sufferer's head.

The sad thing is that most people who are surrounding sufferer most of his daily life will think that this is nothing else but a cry for help and will postpone their action to help such person out. Fact is that people suffering from severe anxiety disorder will really try to kill themselves. So if you know people who suffer from severe anxiety disorder, please treat such people very carefully and take their words seriously.

When people find out that their friend is suffering from Anxiety disorder, most of the time they will try to do whatever it takes for their friend to face their fears - whether it would be dunking their head in the water or leaving alone in a dark room. Do not push your friends to do this, since this is a huge mistake and might cause even more harm than use. Chances are that such actions will leave deep psychological scars on your friend's mind for years to come.

Keeping severe anxiety sufferer in minimum stress is a must and required for him to overcome this mental disease. Adding even more pressure in your friend's life is not heroism, it's just plain stupid, since this will skyrocket his levels of anxiety.

And what will happen if a severe anxiety sufferer visits his doctor? Most likely he will leave his office with a prescription for some strong antidepressants in his hands. But not many people do know that since anxiety is mental disease, drugs won't help a lot in such situations.

Yes, they will help a bit and you might see some changes in a short time, but as soon as you quit using strong antidepressants you will be back to where you started, leaving roots of the problem (your brain, or to be more specific Amygdala part) untouched or even harmed even more.

So what to do?

Professional psychiatric help is the way to go, though it is not a secret that it will make your wallet leaner. This is exactly why I would suggest you to get educated in this area of your life. Read as much as you can about sources and cures of severe anxiety disorder and talk to people who had success overcoming their illness and do what they have done.

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What Exactly is Severe Anxiety Disorder

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This article was published on 2010/04/04