Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

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Generalized anxiety disorder can be best described as excessive, often daily, nervousness and worry lasting 6 months or longer that can be brought on by numerous activities or events.
This is the most common of the seven anxiety disorder affecting approximately 3% of the population in any given year. Females are twice as likely to carry the burden of GAD. This condition often begins in childhood or the pre teen years but may begin at any age. For most people, the disorder fluctuates a great deal and many linger for many years.
While the above definition may seem a little scary Generalized Anxiety Disorder is the least problematic of the seven anxiety disorders. While the 3% number listed above may not seem that impressive at first glance, GAD affects more people worldwide than any other anxiety disorder. So, if you or someone you know has it you are not alone. Realistic worries don't mean you have the condition. For example, if you are in a band and you have lost your big gig and worry about finding another gig, that's not GAD - it's a real life problem. On the other hand if your name is Paul McCartney and you are worried sick about finding a place to play your music, you just might have GAD!
Let's take a look at a few symptoms that if experienced daily for the last six months might be an indication of Generalized Anxiety Disorder.
*Worry clings to you like the proverbial monkey on your back despite your best efforts to get him off.
*You feel restless, edgy, irritable, fidgety, or jacked up
*You get fatigued easy
*Concentration is a problem
*You are experiencing unpredictable sleep patterns
*Muscle tenseness, especially in your shoulders, neck, or back

Anxiety is a condition with many different faces and not everyone experiences it in the same way. For this reason your best bet in confirming a diagnosis is with the help of a professional.
Note: Other, symptoms that could be associated with Generalized Anxiety Disorder are excessive perspiration, shortness of breath, twitching, trembling, dry mouth, upset stomach, unexplained trembling, difficulty swallowing, and being startled easily.
Additionally, there are many different types of treatment available for GAD such as prescription medication and/or behavioral therapy. Another popular form of treatment, that many natural health minded individuals are throwing in their toolbox, are herbal remedies for mild to moderate anxiety. Herbal remedies for anxiety have shown to be very effective in supporting both emotional and mental health and are an affordable option worth considering.

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

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This article was published on 2010/03/31