Causes and Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

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Don't think that anxiety can only affect a few people. It can affect anybody who deals with the stresses of day-to-day life. The only difference is people respond to stress differently, which is why anxiety can be observed in different forms. Anxiety can be intermittent; you have it today and it is gone the next. It can be continuous too, and is often manifested when you have different stressors around you which can trigger anxiety. Normal anxiety can be caused by minor stress. This type of anxiety is healthy considering that it can help you cope with the stress or at least explore the possibilities of dealing with it. On the other hand, Anxiety disorder is unhealthy and can manifest as an exaggerated anxiety response to real and unreal events.

When you have these types of anxiety disorder symptoms; see your doctor right away!

Increase in Blood Pressure or High Blood Pressure - at the time of panic attack the inclination of blood pressure to go up above norm is okay. Nevertheless, if you are an individual who have heart condition or disease, you will be better off to talk to your doctor as soon as you discovered the symptoms of or signs of hypertension or high blood pressure. This could cause people who are elderly to have stroke or heart attack if not treated.

Breathing hard or hyperventilation - fast breathing is seen as common when a person is anxious, but it can become serious when you can't seem to stop from breathing rapidly. Lightheadedness and trembling combined with these symptoms could lead to hyperventilation - a lack of carbon dioxide in the system which is mild or severe can lead to deep or rapid breaths. It is definitely manageable but can worsen once ignored.

Phobias or Irrational fears - majority of anxiety disorder symptoms do not show signs of phobia or irrational fear because after all, these are types of anxiety disorder. Anyhow, some individuals do not agree that phobia is a form of anxiety disorder. If you have phobia, it can be a problem. Your perception about things that either exist or don't exist will affect how you deal with situations in your life unless you seek intervention or professional help.

Seizures - Because anxiety disorder changes the chemical scheme of the brain; seizure could be a sign or reaction to certain chemical imbalance. It is not only difficult to control seizure, but it can even lead to brain damage. This disorder can and should only be treated with medications.

Sexual Problems or Disorders - if you think that your anxiety disorder is taking hold of your sexual functions it's definitely time to see your doctor about it. Sexuality functions in both females and males are diminished due to anxiety disorder. This Anxiety Disorder Symptom will not only make you more depressed, but it will eventually lead to serious forms of anxiety.

There are several other signs or symptoms associated to anxiety disorder; In any case, the symptoms mentioned above are much more serious than the rest. While you manage or cope with other anxiety disorder symptoms; these conditions need more than just management. They will need best medical treatment or attention.

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Causes and Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

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This article was published on 2010/11/11